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    Move Me DYE SUBLIMATION Services Premium Colour

    Absolutely love our shirts we got a few weeks back. Quality is perfect. Everyone comments how good they look.

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    Thanks to the team at Fobia Industries for hooking us up with the best gear out there!

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    Big thanks to Jason and his team for designing the shirts. We love them!

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    Dye Sublimation

    Also known as All-over-printing, Dye Sublimation is an ideal choice for printing on polyester fabrics like team wear apparel, banners, flags and other promotional products.

    Using specific inks, computer printing technology and heat, we can design and create vibrant photo-realistic colours that embeds within the fabric leaving long-lasting colours and a smooth finish.

    To discuss your needs and to see if dye-sublimation is for you, give us a call on 1300 4 FOBIA today.

    Best For

    White or High Polyester blend fabrics

    Full coverage uniforms

    Full coverage custom looks

    Flags, Banners, Towels, and more!

    Full coverage team and sports wear

    Photo-realistic designs


    How does Dye-Sub Printing work?

    To achieve the all-over printed look, the fabric must be printed before it is sewn together. This is done by printing your design on to specific paper using specific inks that are then heat transferred to the blank garment material made of polyester. Under the heat, the ink/dye turns into a gas that penetrates material and solidifies into its fibers. The result gives vibrant colours that are soft to touch.

    What are the advantages of dye-sublimation printing?

    • Vibrant colours with crisp finish.
    • The design is permanently fused to the fibers of your garments so it will not peel or fade.
    • Designs are unlimited to suit your brand, team colours, sponsor logos
    • All over coverage.
    • Easy to wash and care for.

    What are the disadvantages of dye-sublimation?

    • Minimum quantities apply
    • Can only be applied to white or lightly coloured polyester materials.
    • Can not be applied to ready made garments
    • Longer turnaround timeframes

    Is there a minimum quantity for orders?

    Give us a call on 1300 4 FOBIA to discuss your options.

    What are your turn-around timeframes?

    Turnaround times can vary between 4 and 12 weeks depending on many factors. Give us a call on 1300 4 FOBIA to discuss your needs.

    What sizes are available?

    Most our styles are available in Men’s, Ladies & Kids specific sizing. We can supply size charts or if available a sizing kit (charges may apply). Give us a call on 1300 4 FOBIA to discuss your needs.

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